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the 4th likely a stepchild so they could be number one Worldwide. I think they split went to Europe and Africa and South America them so they could you sell there but we should note that United States is not we’re not in with Esther Zenica that’s in northern Europe and and and elsewhere are we’ll take a break here live on came by boat at 7 30. Tonight, two cases going on to talk about March madness now that would be great Yeah because you know there are a lot of teams that didn’t make it a bit. You know, are that are are you know annual you know show wins every year there are 3 teams welcome back we’ll talk about that didn’t make it, then you would think Wow. Both teams make that’s unbelievable are alive. Kaye if I am 6 40 things are starting to turn for you know, what’s your be waking up early dropping kids off at school when driving to work inside the building with people including Kevin he’ll West T hd to Los Angeles, Orange County by everywhere on the radio, a new name I’m Michael gross your live from the kfi 24 hour newsroom, a former state and federal price Peters announced he’s running for Orange County DA lawyer Pete Harden says current DA Todd Spitzer cares more about headlines injustice as your next District Attorney I will provide leadership not showmanship and I will produce results not scandals I would be honored to serve as your Guardian of just hard says he’s against the death penalty support zero bail was willing to re-evaluate sentencing enhancements Spitzer says Harden just trying to bring the LA County DA George Gascon feeling criminal policy’s to Orange County. A man’s been killed two officers were injured in a shooting during a standoff at a home near you S see the LAPD responded to the area for a call about a man with a gun. About noon today she more says a man came out when SWAT officers fired at or spray into the home based on very preliminary information I have engaged officers on scene, in which case not in which signed an officer shooting occurred, Morse says one officer was shot twice by Manni says the officer was shot in the chest with body armor on and then again in the face. He’s as officers awakened recovering in the hospital attrition Silver Lake has expanded its programs to restore LA is the pandemics Lou here we pray for the city today pastor Matthew Barnett offers thanks is the dream center marks a year of over relief Kelly Bradley says it started with the sharing of whatever food the center had buys 80 something days. We did it for 11 hours a day, 7 days a week, and then every sense then we’ve been doing it from 11 to Monday through Friday. It added up to 5 million meals. Plus, the opening of an outdoor learning center now more transitional housing for families of the fallen into homelessness. More broadly, turning the page from survival restoration is the beginning of a brand new season in silver Lake Chris San Carlo OK fine year the California Department of Education’s expected this week to approve an ethnic studies curriculum for high school students. It took several years almost 100000 public Comments. 8 people have been killed in shootings at 3 massage parlors near Atlanta. The Cherokee County sheriff’s Department says the shooting happened at 3 separate parlors this afternoon most of the people killed appeared to be Asian women, 21 year-old man has been arrested. The CDC says about 11 and-a-half % of people in the US are fully vaccinated against kobe 19 Dr Anthony felt she has immunity lasts at least 6 months beyond that we have no way of knowing because we’ve already been doing this little relief for pot or most of the year here President Biden says US is in talks with several countries about which ones maybe make an extra doses of kobe vaccines but he says that won’t happen until every person in the US wants to get vaccinated does things are so low in Santa Clarita, that 14 northbound is slowing down and stretches leaving the 5 freeway all the way to Seoul that Canyon road we’re also checking out the tribe in West LA for 5 northbound remains slow from santa monica Boulevard. Although we do Norte often North Hills the city on i10 eastbound. Watch out for backup, getting away from Los Sienna go all the way to the one 10 freeway and in Anaheim Hills 90 when eastbound that’s crowding us that Imperial high-wage Angela is taking new ahead to chest pass to 41 more slowing in Corona from main Street to the 15 kfi in the sky helps gets you there faster, I’m Angel Martinez dry the smears warmer next well the pandemic is not your fall why should you pay afford financially right if you have maybe your mortgages all but upside down preps have credit card debt called tree law let them help others couple laws had been created just to deal with co-founded and financial anxiety I’m Here’s a couple examples those Andersen Torrance mine and you have done for hours cut thanks to kobe 19 truce with medical issues she racked up 160000 $ in debt fell behind on their mortgage. Oh, boy, what a mess well she called Oak tree law they got her current donner mortgage and eliminate the bad debt and she loves people at Oak tree law there’s another story real estate agent and her husband in Pasadena and their income stopped when the pandemic it their second