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Like I said, I love my window explosion happened at home around 12 30 this afternoon. At least one building on the grounds was destroyed some horses on the property got loose. Following the explosion this report. Raju by Michael Diamond those smell good plumber churches Silver Lake has expanded its programs to restore LA as as a pandemic slows, we pray for the city today pastor Matthew Barnett offers thanks is the dream center marks a year of over relief Kelly Bradley says it started with the sharing of whatever food the center had buys 80 something days we didn’t for 11 hours a day, 7 days a week, and then every sense then we’ve been doing it from 11 to 2, Monday through Friday. It added up to 5 million meals. Plus, the opening of an outdoor learning center now more transitional housing for families of the fallen into homelessness. More broadly, turning the page from survive Able to restoration is the beginning of a brand new season and Silver Lake Chris Giancarlo OK fine year divide administration says 22 million doses of kobe 19 backseat being shipped out across the country this week our loving 19 response coordinator Jeff science health speaking governor announced recent backseat allotments jurisdictions over 16 million. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki says the shipments will include vaccine doses from Pfizer, Madonna and Johnson & Johnson the doses will also go to federal mass vaccination sites retail pharmacies and community health centers. Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell has warned Democrats against getting rid of the legislative filibuster without the 60 vote threshold for legislation the Senate becomes a majoritarian institution just like this is the framers design the Senate’s required deliberation to force cooperation and make sure federal laws have broad support. He says Democrats aren’t just trying to tweak the filibuster jargon for a radically less stable, less consensus driven system that McConnell says the Senate is an institution that requires unanimous consent to turn the lights on before noon is changing the filibuster will require a quorum for everything clearing coal through the night lows above 40 degrees, cleared a bit warmer tomorrow high close to 60 at the beaches mid 60s Metro LA Orange County around 70 elon empire in the Valley a little warmer Thursday and Friday and like that for the weekend I know Anaheim 48 Newport Beach 50 surreal 49 long reach 50 degrees we lead local from kfi 24 hour newsroom I’m Michael Krueger taking everything downtown LA southbound side of the one one admission is a multicar pileup. Emergency crews on the scene chbs alling stopped right stack up pretty solidly from Grand Avenue you problem in the West LA North down for 5 Wilshire wreck with an overturned car right lane partially blocked chp is on the scene watch look at the start of built there and enacted northbound 14 Santiago cleanup after a motorcycle accident crews the carpool lane blocked a little heavier from Brown Valley kfi in the sky OPS gets you there faster, I’m wrong inducting stock-market traders are bailing out of that Rob from the rich give to the poor website and racing to cart were trading a radically different