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overdone and all those things and it actually is a disease Yes and killed a lot of people, and it’s still out there, you still get sick from it or die if you’re older or mean compromised or what have you got to be scary to live in the head of somebody you can’t accept that ball. Those things are true Yeah it’s what’s what’s weird and I can you make sense of this in my own head I mean I had heard that the cases were up and I like rolled my eyes I heard talk about people were wearing masks. More night noticed actually is out and about in the Los Angeles area over the weekend before I got sick and I notice a lot more masks now Wow people are wearing masks. I wasn’t aware mask. I’m still not going to wear mask which I’m not sure that fits in with the fact that I just was about a 6 never been my life for the last 3 days. But I’d like to start where to mask again that seems crazy well and if you’re just tuning in, no, this is 23 on I’m brock is a hall Yeah if you have a perfectly fitted and 95 mask that you swap out and you don’t touch the outside in Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba. The mask will probably do you a great deal of good well I don’t maybe, you know, I don’t actually know much about the current variants I haven’t paid any attention to COVID for so long I don’t have any idea how transmissible how sick it’s making people what they say the I don’t know much about it. Oh, I know there’s still there are upon through that’s probably a poor expression there are analyzing our poop on the municipal level to figure out how much COVID is around what the variants are because nobody’s really reporting at the States aren’t reporting it or anything anymore, but they are going through the storages systems no idea matter right John I have no idea where I got it. Why do I get it so often. That’s another the number of responses 100 responses on the Twitter feed last I saw, and just mentioned I had COVID there’s so many people that have never had it or had it once or had it twice. How come I voted for time. I want to find Just one of those people that’s more susceptible to it maybe my biology just gets it easier Yeah so so much I our moan Yeah right so much is still not known. Lots of people millions of people died from it. Millions of people got it got no symptoms right Y who freaking knows Yeah Yeah thanks Dr. Fauci thanks francis collins thanks Communist China no response to the tonight that’s what I said in my Twitter Post or gets an exposed now in my exposed was thanks doctor felt she ends and one Twitter response was, I guess, you guys have to say that to keep your base happy. No it’s filming you felt she is behind this. Each of these and science Yeah Yeah you do I say that keep anybody happy Yeah hilarious I use some you who say things like that. You have that little integrity and so you imagine that everybody has that little integrity it’s like cheaters are always accusing people of cheating that’s fun goal if you’re sad little life there in your fun for angry trolls you’re you’re angry at them that I am maybe up to 6 to be angry I’m just matter of fact about it. Some people are angry, trolls and its I’ve accepted it. I think I got it. Ork though so those who are at work I think I got it were Garmon I certainly could have gotten it works so keep your eye give everybody decide I today. I’m at home right now because I Yeah still testing positive so well any attorneys listening if you’re winded from chasing ambulances the sounds like an actionable case to me. I mean, the form and he can’t even get through the day work without catching a dread disease guy I’m so sweaty Right now I’m just bathed in Sweat owed delicious OK so I tease the heck out of this. We’ve got to play this. This is 2019. Dennis Prager, you know, dennis is a talk show host. He does the Prager University videos he’s an ease a conservative activist and I think he’s very smart, and he does really good job with stuff I Unfortunately getting mixed up with q q at all the time and he’s completely different than you do it he’s somewhat different from hugh hewitt there both gray-haired kind of White haired older guys who are very serious practically all of the time and review of atoms smart conservative you know talkers anyway so this I hope to strike you like it did me. This is 2019, Dennis Prager is on bill Mars show bill Mar a dedicated man of the left an extremely bright guy and very very well-informed as were his guest Praeger is trying to tell them what the radical gender theory people believe and what they’re going to try to teach kids in schools. And he is practical Ali left off the set. Because in 2019 this stuff was so obviously Looney tunes. Nobody