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Angeles. Brant welcome to the Dennis Prager, so you’ve got the Mike less things courageous brother car all you know you grant if Christians, jews, Americans and conservatives ever desire to win the war on truth morality reality and fantasy we must be fearlessly honest and exposed the ferocious pandemic of lies of the loose if Arian left especially barbaric line now it BLM and I pray we are promote to essential documentaries by the brilliant and courageous filmmaker Joel Gilbert his videos have Unfortunately flown under the radar because most conservative choose coward if the number one film is dreams from My real father from 2012 about our Communist presser in chief. Barack Obama, whose real father and mentor with the famous Communist leader Frank Marshall Davis, not a Kenyan front father, who was promoted for political reasons and then to the Trayvon hope from 2019 about the Trayvon Martin, who became the violent felon fog to be transitioned into it the Monic Democrat think prior to their monstrous Michael Brown and the grotesque George Floyd manned Yeah those are great, great examples I appreciate that friend listen we got sort of a minute put it towards if you can make it happen. Robert in Greenville. I have to get to you on the other side but I’ll get you right away. It’s beyond Yeah, go right ahead. That Mike Yeah no big fan of you and then called before a you know, when your deal and you it met in London when you’re dealing with $ okay you I’ve never seen any of them removed by elections. Unfortunately I’m people I’m not advocating anything my fair it unless you get rid of the right and the Malians where they’re not checking the signatures to write for fraud because even Calif when they admit they don’t check it and most people never show up. They have no show if they thought out that’s right friendless and we got to go to break. If you want to stay on. You cannot promise I’ll take you right away in the in the next hour, we just ran out of time. Sorry about that will be that contacted everything is breaking. Have you guys heard President biden bragging about by the gnomic recently I mean talk about being out of touch. Just look at the rampant inflation, making everything from cast the groceries cost much more Americans are paying 10000 $ more per year for the same standard of living costs are higher wages are lower and Americans. Reporter that’s the real Biden a mixed record I’m thankful that Americans for prosperity, the big strong fiscal conservative organization in the country is out there leaving the charges Mr. Biden’s reckless economic policy can always count on Americans for prosperity, they take on this White House is false claims with proven principal solutions and it’s why they lost a new campaign called prosperity as possible, advocating for solutions we