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with a clear conscience no matter no matter where it goes. Let’s go to robert. Robert is in Greenville, South Carolina, robert welcome to the Dennis Prager, so you’ve got the Mike thank you for being patient. Thank you. I’m not a big fan of yours on the list you all during the larry elder campaign for governor, thank I am it is really a pleasure to be able to speak to you and your test. Money is so heart-wrenching. I’ve always been a fan of yours thank you robert good line. I wanted to mention how Donald Trump should go after defense against these illicit prosecutors we have to take it to the Supreme court that is like election interference and I don’t the how that would default. He asked to petition for the removal and despondent of the lawyers and the judges that would interfere in the election. He is lead candidate for the Republican he’s beaten, arrested field by 30 points at least. I mean, he’s really tracking and everybody feels were Donald well, I voted for Ted cruz but all the Ted cruz people know that Donald Trump is cheat we side with dog for we know he got robbed of his second term and we’re definitely behind it but unless somebody takes it to the Supreme court. I don’t see how they’re going to overturn these Crooked voters I really don’t get your what you thought Y got to tell you at this point it’s got to be us going out to try our best to get more votes where ever we can. It’s got to be as pushing for our agenda wherever we can, and not backing away and not backing down in any way, shape or form where ever we can make election integrity a thing then that’s got to be a thing I got to be I I we’re in unchartered territory. All right, so Let’s just be Frank we’re in unchartered territory. What the Supreme court can do, how they can intervene. I’m not exactly sure to be Frank with you, but I can say that we’re on a nun chatter turned to unchartered territory. They are the left and no one is going to how do I say this, listen, I share your concerns with the with the 2020 election. We have to fight to make sure that every election ahead of us whatever way we can be involved we do what we can there what the left is doing is absolutely disgusting. They’re not just going into Donald Trump they’re going into the entire country in my Opinion and we’re just in a precarious we’re just in a precarious position we are in unchartered territory. We are in dangerous times. There’s no doubt about it. But what they’re doing in the past. We got a fight for 2024. We’ve got to fight for every election special elections that may happen before 2020. For more on that, on the other side, appreciate you calling in ballots of nature’s fruits and vegetables in a capsule changing the World one life at a time the energy level every day and I’ve just been doing great. And I just feel like that take them to think make about doctors that I was taking ballot for nature and they could be a very positive about that and could that really good that the product open very police start your journey to better health with balance of nature go 102 for 6.7 5 one or go to balance of nature Dotcom to get 35% off your preferred order with free shipping. And our money back guarantee that’s 102 for 6.7 5 1. Good bounce of nature Dotcom or call one 802 for 67.1 get this special offer but using discount code Praeger hun we need to stop putting off getting life insurance. I know it’s just been so busy and I’m sure the cost is out of our budget well Jen told me that they got a 500000 dollar term life insurance policy from eat those 4 less than 23 $ a month all online with no complicated forms and no medical exam. All they have to do is answer a few health questions wait no medical exam. And all online I know, right. It’s not easy to think about but if something happened to you, James. That I would be okay, I get it. That’s going to quote for me those right now. Wow. You were