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the opposition and marching forward and understanding that you’re not going to please everybody that you’re not going to make everybody happy. But you’re going to fight and you’re going to convince some that is our only hope you’re going to have to fight you’re going to have to donate again I’m not a rich man, but when I look at when I look at opportunities again two other you whether it’s missionaries, whether it is whether it’s a you know, political organization, whether it’s a Prager you I get because I can do the work that they can do but they’re in a fight with me and sometimes that is just as important, we all don’t have the same gifts so don’t stress what everybody else does. Let me just share this with you and I promised I will go to cause I’ll get more into this fake racism in a second because I do believe that this is important, had to cha. Mcconnell thank you. This from raw story and apparently the left once again they’re going after Justice Clarence Thomas. And it’s the same old same old. So you have several House Democrats yesterday push US Supreme court Justice Clarence Thomas to immediately resign after the investigative outlet ProPublica revealed fresh details about the powerful judges’ billionaire funded and undisclosed luxury vacations, I’ve got a question who’s funding John Kerry I got a question why would foreign into these foreign Government get money to a crack hit by the name of Hunter Biden, you see what I’m saying we’re going to dig in. We’re going to embrace opposition Oh by the way, is there a Republican out there, is there a billionaire is there somebody that knows how to climb on the Mount Rushmore and built a freakin statue of Justice Clarence Thomas because I am down to donate embrace opposition these parks you cast showing us Sotomayor or who makes money. The only way she makes money from her book sales, is you have left when colleges buying her books making that lady a millionaire what crickets. Give me a break. Many numbers Golden silver buyers make fatal mistakes when buying precious metals for the time mistakes made because of dealer gimmicks and scams, Dennis Prager here for M Fed coin and billion my choice and it really is for buying precious metal numerous precious metal dealers are capitalizing on the demand for gold by selling it experience investors collectible coins with outrageous markups one company charges as much as 18000 $ for collectible coins that are only worth about 55 100 dollars in the open markets. An example of the honesty of emptied other dealers tell falsehoods about Government gold confiscation or regulation of gold prices at M fit coin and billion the keeping simple and transparent so you’ll understand what you own and its true value. If you’re thinking of buying or have already purchased them on a second opinion called Nick grow much the man I trust and his teammat and put coin and billion 802 to one 76. 94 receive a complementary coin performance review American federal Dotcom American federal Dotcom folks I don’t like to go to bed I’m I know anyway. They’re just many interesting things to see to read on the Internet. I could probably stay up and read all might if I could, I would but I have to wake up to a certain time to do my radio show, so if I need something to help me wine down and go to sleep relief actors sleep is the single most effective sleep aid I have ever used. I’ve learned a couple things since taking early factor sleep it’s not addicting healthy sleep during certain stages of sleep your body reenergize and repairs it forms and cement memories I know that it works. My wife knows that works when you feel the different you know, it’s working. Unleash the power great sleep naturally to order relief factor sleep go to relief act. The Dotcom call 800 the number for relief that’s relief or 800 the number for relief. Think back to a time when you were doing a physically demanding activity and you wanted to keep going. But you just didn’t have the energy to having the right nutrition can make a huge difference between energy and long-lasting energy that’s why it’s so important to nourish our bodies with the right kind of fuel. There’s no better way of doing that. And with fruits in vegetables. You can get the benefits of 31 hold fruits and vegetables by taking a few Capitals of balance of nature’s fruits and veggies start your journey to better help with balance of nature call one 802 for 6.7 5 one or go to bounce of nature Dotcom to get 35% off