Rainer on Leadership: Leadership and the Local Church with John C. Maxwell

On today’s episode, John C. Maxwell joins us to discuss his latest book, Intentional Living: Choosing a Life That Matters. We also cover a few leadership topics related to the local church like pastoral tenure, the need for leadership training, and how to make a difference that outlasts your life. Check out Start7Day.com for more free resources from John C. Maxwell on living intentionally.

Some highlights from today’s episode include:

  • “Everything worthwhile in life is uphill.”
  • “If we don’t live an intentional life, we never get to the things that are worthwhile.”
  • “Living intentionally means turning good intentions into good actions.”
  • “We have people in the pews every week who have just dumbed down their lives.”
  • “The big picture always has Jesus in the middle.”
  • “The most underrated word in the English language is ‘consistent.’”
  • “Our success is determined by what we do everyday.”
  • “Most people don’t lead their life—they accept their life. They don’t write their life—they read their life.”
  • “If you’re an insecure pastor, you’re always going to have trouble with the guys who have pastored before you.”
  • “Successful leadership all starts with intentionality.”


Listen to the entire podcast at Leadership and the Local Church with John C. Maxwell.