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percent. Unions showed up when they brought in collective bargaining, if you’re in pta you need to get out because it’s taken over by the teachers unions and do a p. T. O. Instead. The unions have undermined our schools. My question right now, I think we’re at a place we kind of have a blessing in disguise. Okay kids are home. They’re safe from the terrible schools as long as they’re not online with the unions. Do we ask them to open the union controlled schools so kids don’t get a good education? Or will we fully expose the unions, kick them out. Teachers have a right to kick the unions out. They can stop paying them. Learn to do that. Get liability coverage from private groups that will protect them. There’s a lot we can do to immediately affect great change in our schools. Have smaller neighborhood schools that are rid of these evil you know kwreupbls that are really undermining our country in so many ways. I think this is a blessing in disquise. >> I know everybody doesn’t have good fortune to do school choice and put their kids in charter schools, being pressured by the unions but the bottom line here as we wrap things up, we’re doing serious harm to our children by them not learning like they’re supposed to, online or classroom, they’re not getting the education they need from laptop, computer. They’re not getting the interaction, social knowledge they need. Physical activity, recess or gym class, year lock down has done more damage to our kids than any period we can probably look to in our country’s history and something has to be done. Rebecca one more time let folks know to get more information kids and country? >> Yes. Find us at for kids and >> Thank you. Rebecca thank you for coming on and being a voice out there for our kids and being a teacher and guts and standing up to all mighty unions that don’t have our children’s best interest in minds. You take care. >> You too. Thank you. >> When we come back, for nearly a year now we have witnessed liberal left attack on police from de-fund police movement and tall while most elected democrats remain silent and some supporting the movement. Author of new book war on comes heather will join us after the break to tkeuls cuss the latest attack that just came from 46. Did you hear it in town hall last week, what joe biden said about cops? We’ll discuss it. Don’t go away.