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teachers, unions and some other folks through the unions to and we won in 2018. So since then, all government employees are free to stop funding union’s most people don’t stop because they think the unions are their friend, their wolves in sheep’s clothing, folks, they’re opportunists. They aren’t really unions. They’re communists hiding behind the name union hiding behind the name teacher or police officer or whatever, so it’s really important that we all stand together and opt out of these unions. They can learn how to do that on our website for kids and country or ge, and the other thing. They’ve always had the right to stand together. 50% plus one person in a government job vote to boot the union out it’s up, so I’ll have to do is stand together and our communities need to stand with him because it’s hard to stand up to mafia tactics and the power of these government unions back. I wonder folks even know about that court ruling. It’s only been three years, so I’m so glad you brought it up. Rebecca friedrichs, former california teacher and now the founder of four kids and country, thank you so much for coming on the program breaking it down. We’ve got to get these kids. Back in the classroom, getting back to school. I know a lot of our viewers, of course, have totally just switched and done homeschooling. They’re sick and tired of the public school system. I don’t have that luxury. So my kid who needs to get back in the classroom and we must demand they go back and stop using covid as the excuse rebecca. Thank you so much for coming on the program. My pleasure. Okay, so now we know that the cdc worked closely with the american federation of teachers union to keep the school’s closed. How exactly do we expect to then follow the science right? Because that’s not science. Let’s get some response now from a professional joining us tennessee emergency. Medicine physician, our friend dr sean ocean buying doc. Thanks for coming back on real quick. Is it safe to put our kids back in the classroom right now? 100% it’s safe. And dan, this is what the pediatricians have been telling us for about a year now. They were all over the news, saying that children could go back to school, and then we stopped seeing them on the news because they were not a part of the agenda’s narrative s o. I’m not speaking only as an adult and pediatric provider, but this was coming from the american academy pediatricians that. Students should be able to go back to school. This was safe for them to do so. So, dr following the science, unlike the cdc is doing because we have emails to prove they took their marching orders from the second largest teacher’s union out there. Your reaction to that as a medical professional hearing that. Medical doctors that run the cdc are listening to what they teachers told them to do. Well it’s very disappointing because as you know, right now, you know, there’s many college students are wondering if we’re going to go back to college because you know there was ah, good pole that went out 55% of students jen psaki do not want to obtain the vaccine. They don’t want to step harris showed this this, you know, freedom is not obtained by submission, dan, you know this. Our relatives are historians over. Ancestors knew this. And sadly are college students are now on the front lines of this deciding whether they’re going to submit or not. Yeah the number’s right now over 100 universities now saying they have to have the vaccine before they could go back in the fall. I want to get your response. This is for our k through 12 kids mental health related emergency rooms have increased 24% for 5 to 11 year olds and 31% for 12 to 7. 18 year old since the pandemic has started. We are not helping our children mentally by not having him in the classroom, are we? We got to get him back in. No, they need to go back in, dan. You know, I’ve seen so many, you know. Young children that are coming in with psychiatric complaints for the first time ever, you know, with suicidal thoughts, family members are like what is going on and all I can do is apologize. That’s all I can do is say, I’m sorry. Covid has really wrecked us. You know, children need to be back in school. Uh oh, doc, we just gotta keep speaking up. I mean, you know, I’m a parent. And I’m so upset about this. Um a few seconds left. What’s your advice to parents when it comes to their kids if they’re in states that are still not back in the classroom. Absolute they need to respect with their children want to do I’ll tell you what the shot is not the freedom shot. You don’t get a bill of rights, a booster shot, but that’s what they’re selling this as. And unfortunately they need to stand up for their children if a child wants to obtain the shot and they’re free to do, so, that’s great. I obtained mine, but freedom is freedom. And if someone doesn’t want to obtain it, they shouldn’t be forced to turning point. Us ambassador an emergency room physician, our friend, dr sean ocean by thanks so much. Great dan. Thank you when we come back, a student that stood up to his woke cop hating professor, you’ve got to hear this interview back in to sick of annoying spam calls. Robo killer eliminates 99% of unwanted calls and our answer