Rolling Stone | Watch Journey, Steve Perry’s Heartfelt Rock Hall of Fame Speeches

Jonathan Cain: I just want to thank the Cubs for winning the World Series! I’d like begin by thanking my father and mother for believing in me. … from the time that I was eight years old and after, he later said to me, “Son, don’t stop believing.” On a life-changing phone call, as I started with my career back in the Seventies. He’s gone now. I miss you, dad and love you. Thanks to … Ralph Dodds, from the conservatory of Chicago, Jerry Milo … and to the late Buddy Killen, who gave me my first break in Nashville in 1969.

To my brother Tom who played drums with me in countless bands while we learned lessons together in rock & roll. To my brother Hal who always believed in my music. To the late Wolfman Jack and Don Kelly organization for opening doors and getting us started on the right path. To all the members of the Babies. To my brothers in Journey, for believing and trusting I could be part of it, or shifting and sustaining signature sound. To former band mates Steve Augeri and Deen Castronovo. To our music business family behind the scenes who work tirelessly, the record promotion people … The DJs who gave us millions of spins. To the record distributors, who made sure our music made it to stores and on the shelves.

To Live Nation and the local promoters and most of all, our faithful fans who stood by us through the years. During the ups and downs. To our wise managers, Herbie Herbert and John Baruck, for keeping us on track during the tough times. We shared over 40 years having blessed relationships with all of you. And I believe relationships are the key to building a ramp and maintaining a presence in our music business. Thanks to the members of the Hall who voted to honor us tonight. Finally, I thank my three children, Madison, Weston and Liza for their understanding and accepting their dad had to hit the road all those years. And to my wife, Paula, who stands beside me with love and respect. I love you all. And thanks to you, Lord, for keeping your guiding hand on us all those years. This honor was truly worth the wait. God bless.

Watch Journey, Steve Perry’s Heartfelt Rock Hall of Fame Speeches.