Saturday Report

events in los angeles with all the lockdowns. The thing that’s going on. It’s we’re not under lockdowns worth under a lot of that. You know, we advise you really not to do things like this. But man. The kid’s been for two years. You know, they haven’t had anything to do they just sitting their homes and then online school and then we just thought we’re going to go back for the kids were going to make us all about the children. This year. We’re gonna give them something memorable and bring lights back into the neighborhood. Break fun and joy and. That’s what we’re doing, and so people can go to dream center. Oh argon. Thank you just support us because we’re like, you know, running the stores last minute because of quantities that we normally get her down. So we’re writing to stores and finding four bikes over here. You want to give away hundreds of bikes, sending all of our interns all over the city? Because we just believe that the children need something extra special this year as why we brought in rides and all these fun exhibits because you’ve been here for l a for 27 years. You really get a pulse of the neighborhood you begin to understand. That there’s a lot of joy that kids need to get back into the community back into their hearts and sell. We’re going big, and that’s pretty uncommon time. But the truth is, um, these children have been through a lot. We’re going to bring them so much joy tonight. Yeah I mean, it seems like a remarkable program. I’m I’m really glad. The warms my heart that people out there are saying, you know what, like I realized we’re in covid still, but at the same time, it’s christmas, guys take a rap off. So pastor matthew barnett. We appreciate join us, sir. Good luck. Well thank you. For all your support is gonna be an amazing I can’t wait to see the pictures absolutely will post them. We’ll check him out. Thank you all right up next amanda is going to bring us the latest headlines and then three jabs for everyone soon. Four, then five, then six, then 27. At least that’s what the socialist french government is telling their 65 year old residents. You’re watching saturday report folks. A liberty loving american takes on washington, hollywood and the whole media establishment. He’s chris salcedo join his fight tune into the chris salcedo osho every weekday afternoon on newsmax. Do you have any idea how your mattress affects your body? And how well you sleep? Is it too hard or too soft, causing you to wake up with sore shoulders back or hips? Are you uncomfortable? Because you’re too hot or too cold, get total body support and better sleep with him. My pillow mattress topper. Hello I’m mike lindell when I invented my new my pillow mattress topper. I made it to have everything you’d ever want in a topper. Mattress topper helps give you the support you need helps relieve your pressure points that regulates your body temperature for you as an individual. It comes with a 10 year warranty you can wash and dry. The cover is made the usa and I back it with my 60 day money back guarantee my pillow copper. Delivers on its promise to give me a better night’s sleep for a limited time. Save 50% on a my pillow mattress topper with your promo code now as low as 99 99 go to my pillow . Com or call now don’t delay order now I personally guarantee it’s going to change your bed into the most comfortable bed you’ll ever own. Hard to wrap easy to give. Check out the battery powered homeowners series with sets starting at 1 99 99 real steel find yours. Hi, I’m deborah. I’m from colorado. I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart for 35 years. I’m a mother of four. Always I heard about Prevagen and then I started taking itabout two years now. Started noticing thingsa little sharper, a little clearer. I feel like it’s kept meon my game. I’m able to remember things. I’d say give it a try. Prevagen.Healthier brain. Better life. Only newly redesigned trumpy bear trumpy bears tie now features america first, and is dom’s up. Let everyone know he will always be there for you just find the secret zipper and pull out the american flag themed blanket and show your patriotism by proudly displaying trumpy bear in your home. Trumpy berries here. Trumpy bear is there trumpy bear is everywhere order the finally crafted super plush. Trumpy bear for only three payments of 1995 with free shipping. We’ll even include a special certificate of authenticity. Trumpy bear is not sold in stores, so don’t miss out on owning a priceless piece of american history order now. Do you order your trumpy bear for three payments of 1995 with free shipping company 106 036302 or go online to real trumpy bear calm. All right. Welcome back,