Southern Savers | 10 Things To Do For a Financially Healthy 2018

Shop Around for Health Care

We are currently in the open enrollment window for health insurance.  You’ve got through 12/15 so make changes to your current plan and try to reduce the cost as much as you can.  I know for many of you there aren’t a lot of options (our family in GA only has one insurance provider working in their area so their are no options).

Depending on your current health and religion, you may be eligible for Medi-Share programs.  Most of these are Christian organizations that make you sign a statement of faith.  They count to fulfill Affordable Healthcare requirement of having insurance, though they are not true insurance.  Cost wise… these programs are 50-75% cheaper than traditional insurance!

We just made the switch cutting our monthly costs from $1240 a month for a $13,500 high deductible plan to $510 a month for a $3750 out of pocket level!  That’s a savings of $730 a month not mention if we got sick we would owe $10,000 less!  I’ve spelled out a lot MORE ABOUT THIS PROGRAM HERE.

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