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row. They’re patriots protecting patriots call now he’s 107 86 16 56. That’s 807 86 16 50. For your free investment guide and market group. Women in america made their voices heard, man y’all showed up and beat the hell out of them. Those who support ripping away the rights to choose don’t have a clue about the power of women america but not alright, well, those were president biden’s remarks from earlier today as democrats ran on the abortion issue, but it was actually on the ballot in several states across the country. Here’s how this played out. California michigan and vermont have amended state constitutions to include abortion until birth. Meanwhile kentucky struck down an amendment which says that there is no abortion rights within their constitution. And perhaps the most horrific of them. All montana residents voted against medical medical care for an infant, which survived an abortion attempt, meaning if a baby is born alive, it does not get medical care. Joining us right now is our thursday company, maryland musgrave, the vice president of government affairs for s b, a pro life america and lila rose, the founder and the president of live action. Ladies welcome to the show. Alright so it does look like republicans will take the house, which is great, but some of these state provisions are really horrific to see specifically that montana one, lila. So what can be done at this point now that these will become law? Well, first of all, it’s important to note the context here. The pro abortion side had the biggest galvanizing influx of cash that they’ve had really hits historic almost $400 million in pro abortion advertising and canvassing that the pro abortion the democratic side put out there. In comparison, the pro life side had about maybe $11 million from the gop and digital ads that were for life. So it was a 35 to 1 outspent by the pro abortion side, so we should not be surprised at these results from the referendum in these in these different states and what it really means for the probably movement is we have to double down on educating on getting our message out there because the polling through that when our message does get out there the proglide message about the humanity of the baby about the extremism of the democratic party’s position that people actually vote for life. And so that’s that’s our that’s our passport here is getting that message out more than more than ever before. So maryland did republicans get their messaging wrong on this one? Or did they get their priorities wrong? Because as lila just states this this money disparity is insane. Well first of all, the republicans did not message many of them they decided to stay quiet on this issue and the lies of the other side, where believed in liza. Lila says it all when she talks about the 35 to 1 spending. In the headlines like women will die. Women will not be able to receive health care, and I mean these lies needed to be refuted. So with the ballot initiative, I always think he who has the most money wins. And that’s exactly what you saw here, even in pro life state so absolutely. We need to get our act together. We need to motivate pro life voters. Uh really let people see the danger of these ballot initiatives where there are not two people debating where you’re not hearing both sides. You’re hearing the lies of the side with the most money. That’s exactly what happened here. I’m particularly interested in this montana one. As I read the beginning that doesn’t provide medical care for a baby who was born alive. Doesn’t that go against the hippocratic oath? Yeah, they listen. Most folks, the large majority of americans actually support protection for babies who are born alive after failed abortion attempts. The only reason that that referendum failed was exactly what congresswoman masquerade was saying is that it was straight up lies being told by the pro abortion side about what that measure actually would. Do you know the fearmongering on the probe ocean side is that any pro life measure is going to rip away women’s health and safety and their reproductive health. And these are straight up lies. Abortion is not healthcare and women are better without it. So the reality is this is not again , uh, the result or the consequence of americans being pro abortion. It’s the consequence of pro abortion money, and that is the same. The same case in montana as it is everywhere else. Okay so when I think about this issue is obviously very polarizing, but if you talk to democrats, they would say this is about human rights of a woman. If you talk to republicans or conservatives , they say it’s about human rights of a baby and a woman. So, marilyn, how do we bring these two camps together? Well, first of all, um you have to realize that the baby does not have a voice that unborn child is not have a voice and we need to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. But I just want you to know the pro life movement is pro woman. Uh and we