[Statement] Jentezen Franklin on Secretary of State Pompeo’s Expansion of the Mexico City Policy: ‘One Step Closer to Ensuring Children are Granted the Protection They Deserve’

GAINESVILLE, Ga.  —  With the recent expansion of the Mexico City Policy preventing the U.S. government from supporting foreign NGO’s that fund abortion services, Pastor Jentezen Franklin issues the following statement:

“I am thrilled with Secretary of State Pompeo’s expansion of the enforcement of the Mexico City Policy, ensuring that not a single taxpayer dollar will be spent in support of foreign NGO’s that provide abortion services. This is a victory for the protection of precious lives worldwide. Americans should never be forced to fund a practice that violates their conscience. Polling data shows a noticeable shift in favor of the pro-life movement, and I have never seen so much energy amongst millions of Americans in support of the right to life as I have in recent months. Secretary Pompeo’s leadership on this initiative puts us one step closer to ensuring children are granted the protection they deserve.”




Pastor Jentezen Franklin is the Senior Pastor of Free Chapel, a multi-campus church. Each week his television program “Kingdom Connection” is broadcast on major networks all over the world. A New York Times best-selling author, Jentezen has written eight books including his latest, Love Like You’ve Never Been Hurt. 

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