[Statement] Rev. Johnnie Moore Responds To Attack On St. Catherine’s Monastery In The Sinai

LOS ANGELES, Calif. —  Rev. Johnnie Moore releases the following statement in response to the attacks on St. Catherine’s Monastery in the Sinai: 

“Reports of an attempted terrorist attack near to the iconic St. Catherine’s monastery in the Sinai ought to cause great alarm throughout the global, Christian community. I commend the efforts by Egypt’s President to provide security to sacred sites like St. Catherine’s. The soldiers who died in service to that church today are heroes.  

“Yet, Egypt’s President should not have to provide such security because Christians ought to be able to live free from fear.

“The brazenness of this and the recent attacks on Palm Sunday in Egypt confirm the need for governments and civil society to do more to protect threatened Christian communities.

“They further confirm the need to address systemic issues across the world that limit religious freedom, discriminate against religious minorities and therefore embolden terrorists who feel free to act without retribution.

“Today’s incident is simply the latest in a drastic escalation of attacks across the world. An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us, and each of us must ask ourselves what more we can do to help.

“Threatened Christians need physical protection but they also need the protection of the rule of law. In countries like Iraq they not only need to be free of ISIS they need generous support from the public and private sectors to rebuild their homes, churches and lives.

“Every act of kindness on behalf of those these terrorists aim to destroy is a victory over their religious fanaticism, hatred and bigotry.”


Rev. Johnnie Moore is an author, speaker, media personality, communications executive and humanitarian who is a noted advocate for international religious freedom and is the recipient of the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s 2017 Medal of Valor for his work defending religious minorities around the world. He is the founder of The KAIROS Company, a consulting firm based in Southern California that serves many Christian institutions, nonprofits, leaders and authors as well as those organizations interested in them. He is the author of Defying ISIS and the forthcoming The Martyr’s Oath (Tyndale House, October 2017).

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