[Statements] National Leaders Congratulate Dr. Ronnie Floyd on Becoming President of National Day of Prayer

National Leaders Congratulate Dr. Ronnie Floyd on Becoming President of National Day of Prayer

The National Day of Prayer announced Tuesday, Aug. 22, that Ronnie Floyd will serve as its new president. National leaders, from churches and organizations across the country, have congratulated Dr. Floyd on his new appointment. Below is a list of leaders and what they’ve said.


“Dr. Ronnie Floyd has been a friend since his arrival in Arkansas over 30 years ago. His leadership within the state and nationally has been a credit to the Kingdom and to the Christ he faithfully serves. He and his wife Jeana are not just ‘preachers’ about prayer, but deeply steeped as practitioners of effective prayer. I love Ronnie Floyd — he’s the real deal!”

— Gov. Mike Huckabee


“Dr. Ronnie Floyd will lead the National Day of Prayer with integrity. Our nation needs prayer as we await a mighty move of the spirit of God across America.”

— Former Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann


“I love Ronnie Floyd, and I think it an evidence of God’s gracious sovereignty that he has been chosen at this particular time to lead our desperate country to bow our knees in prayer.”

— Dr. David Jeremiah, senior pastor Shadow Mountain Community Church, El Cajon, California


Dr. Ronnie Floyd is “a great choice for the president of the National Day of Prayer. Especially for times such as these.”

— Ravi Zacharias, founder and president of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries


“Ronnie Floyd will make an excellent President for the National Day of Prayer. I have known Dr. Floyd for many years. He is a great leader. He has a heart for revival and spiritual awakening. The Lord will use him to take the National Day of Prayer ministry to a new level as we pray for our nation!”

— Dr. Steve Gaines, pastor Bellevue Baptist Church, Memphis, TN, President of the Southern Baptist Convention 


“I’m very excited to hear about this announcement. Everyone who knows Ronnie Floyd knows his heart for prayer and spiritual awakening. We are so proud of him to be called to this new task. It is a good day for America, for evangelicals and for Southern Baptists! We are in desperate need of prayer and Ronnie Floyd is the obvious choice to lead this massive effort.”

— Frank S. Page, president and CEO of the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee


“Ronnie Floyd is a dear friend and brother who is perfect for this assignment. He is known for his passion for personal prayer, and I know he will bring that same passion to this annual prayer event. This is good news!”

— Daniel L. Akin, president Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary


“I have been a proud participant in the National Day of Prayer for many years. Its ministry has been powerful, scriptural, and fruitful. Historically Vonette Bright, Shirley Dobson, and Anne Graham Lotz have led the organization with tact and wisdom. Now is the time for the first pastor to lead the organization. Dr. Ronnie Floyd is the best possible choice to take the helm of the National Day of Prayer at this juncture in history. My reason is threefold: 1.) He is in touch with the grassroots of our nation 2.) He has a proven track record of bridge building and racial reconciliation 3.) He has a passion for prayer and fasting — as proven by the books he has authored.

“I will happily continue to support this amazing ministry and its outstanding new leader.”

— Bishop Harry Jackson, Jr., senior pastor Hope Christian Church, Beltsville, Maryland; convener of The Reconciled Church: Healing the Racial Divide Movement


“Dr. Ronnie Floyd is the perfect man to call America to prayer. His passion for prayer is known throughout the globe and is exactly what is needed for the hour we are in as a nation.”

— Jentezen Franklin, senior pastor Free Chapel, Gainesville, Georgia; bestselling author


“Ronnie has always had such a heart for prayer. I am encouraged that he will be leading this prayer effort, bringing his leadership skills to advance his heart’s passion for prayer!”

— Ed Stetzer, Billy Graham Distinguished Chair, Wheaton College


“Ronnie Floyd is the obvious choice to lead this great ministry. In SBC life, Dr. Floyd leads us in prayer and spiritual awakening. This so excites my heart!”

— Johnny Hunt, senior pastor First Baptist Church Woodstock, Georgia


“I am delighted that Dr. Ronnie Floyd has been named the President of the National Day of Prayer. Dr. Floyd has a passion to unite all God’s people in prayer for the Lord’s favor, protection and blessing upon this great country of ours!”

— Dr. George O. Wood, general superintendent of the General Council of the Assemblies of God


“Dr. Ronnie Floyd understands the importance and powerful effect of prayer. He is being used of God to inspire ‘those who are called by My name’ to ‘humble themselves and pray and seek God’s face and turn from their wicked ways’ so we may witness healing in our land as God promised. May each of us examine our own hearts and ask God to cleanse and forgive us so we can see the transforming, healing power of the Father. Join me in thanking God for the leadership Dr. Ronnie Floyd offers and ask God to give him even more wisdom in this new leadership role.”

— James Robison, founder and president LIFE Outreach International


“I know of no one with more integrity, leadership capability, and Christlikeness than Ronnie Floyd. He has led in the areas of prayer, racial reconciliation, and church revival with the passion of a shepherd’s heart.”

— Mac Brunson, senior pastor First Baptist Church, Jacksonville, Florida


“Dr. Ronnie Floyd is a proven and respected leader. He is exactly the man we need to unite us in prayer at this critical time in our nation.”

— Tom Mullins, pastor and founder Christ Fellowship Church, West Palm Beach, Florida


“I have known Dr. Ronnie Floyd for almost thirty years. He is one of the greatest natural leaders in our nation who serves with spiritual power and personal discipline. I know of no more qualified person to give fresh vision and impetus to the National Day of Prayer.”

— Dr. Hayes Wicker, senior pastor First Baptist Church, Naples, Florida


“Dr. Ronnie Floyd is a dear friend, and I know of no one more committed to prayer and revival than him. He lives and breathes revival and the power of prayer. I thank God for his leadership in this nation!”

— Ramiro Peña, senior pastor Christ the King Church, Waco, Texas


“I fully support Dr. Ronnie Floyd’s appointment as the President of the National Day of Prayer! Dr. Floyd is truly a man of conviction, who will lead our Nation to the throne room of the Almighty. I believe that God has raised Dr. Floyd up for such a time as this. Let us pray for Dr. Floyd as he takes on this challenging assignment and let us pray for our great Nation that we love and cherish. The most powerful weapon we have is still prayer!”

— Marshal Ausberry, senior pastor Antioch Baptist Church, Fairfax Station, Virginia


“I have shared with a few folks that Ronnie Floyd is the finest leader of men I have known. I find myself joyfully and easily joining his godly and determined lead. Ronnie is both a great local man and has a national vision. He is a statesman with the ability to pray, obey, then speak courageously in a way that unites true believers.

— Rhys Stenner, senior pastor New Hope Baptist, Fayetteville, Georgia


“Dr. Ronnie Floyd’s gracious acceptance to become the new President of America’s National Day of Prayer Task Force is an answer to prayer. Dr. Floyd’s many years of pastoral leadership of one of America’s great churches uniquely positions him to enlist pastors and churches across America to actively join in unified prayer for revival in the churches and spiritual awakening in our nation. He is an outstanding communicator, extremely capable administrator and great spiritual statesman who not only speaks powerfully to the issues of revival and spiritual awakening but lives the life of an intercessor grounded in the word of God. My heart is filled with thanksgiving and praise as he steps into this new role of leadership in calling our nation to prayer.

— Glenn Sheppard, president International Prayer Ministries