Steve Harvey Show: Pastor Paula White Helps A Couple That Can’t Agree On Religion

  • Faith is a huge part of many people’s lives. For Yvette, her connection is so strong that she became an ordained minister. The problem is that six months after she married her husband York, he stopped going to church all together, stopped showing his faith in God and now considers himself to be Agnostic. Her husband’s lack of faith is starting to affect their marriage and Yvette says that something has got to give.
  • PASTOR PAULA WHITE joins the conversation to try and help the couple come to an understanding about their religious differences that can work for both of them.
  • Then, any successful business relies on teamwork. But 85% of employees say they deal with some kind of conflict on the job, which usually means lots and lots of drama! Steve welcomes three makeup studio co-workers who are at odds and have turned to Steve for help in coming up with a compromise. BELLA owns the studio and feels as though her staff doesn’t stick with her to help her grow her business. MIMI and STEPHEN are two of Bella’s top makeup artists. They encouraged her to open the studio, but now say that they don’t want to commit to working exclusively for Bella’s Studio. Will Steve be able to help them come up with a business plan that will work for everyone?

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