The Blaze | Greenpeace founder takes aim at climate change and CO2 fallacy

In this podcast, Jacki Daily is joined by Patrick Moore, Greenpeace co-founder, to share some surprising facts about CO2 emissions that you won’t hear from climate change activists.

Moore is a former Greenpeace activist and one of the founding members, but he parted ways with the environmental group he helped create when they began to adopt opinions that he could not accept from his scientific perspective — primarily the notion that CO2 emissions are the cause of climate change.

“There’s been debate all through the last couple of hundred years in science, about the effect of what are called the ‘greenhouse gases.’ And CO2 — if you believe that the greenhouse gases do what some people say they do — is a greenhouse gas. Therefore, theoretically, increasing it in the atmosphere would cause some warming,” explained Moore, adding, “The problem is there is no actual evidence of that. The only thing we have is this modern warm period that we’re in, which is part of a one thousand year cycle of cooling and warming periods going back 3000 years…. So we are somewhat in the middle of what would be a normal warming period in the earth’s climate.”

Listen to the podcast excerpt above, or find the full podcast here.

You can also find out more about CO2 from Patrick Moore in this video provided by PragerU.

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