The Blaze: Trump’s Spiritual Advisor Says the Candidate ‘Loves God’ And Is ‘Hungry For God In His Heart’

Her relationship with Donald Trump started with a random phone call, and now, after fourteen years, she knows a man who is “hungry in his heart” for the Word of God, televangelist Paula White said Thursday.

In the past, the Republican nominee for president has said he has a “great relationship” with God, but the details of his faith has remained largely unknown. White, speaking to CNN’s Erin Burnett, gave a window into the billionaire’s journey with Christianity, telling the host Trump is actually “much more hungry for God in his heart than I think people would imagine.”

The popular Christian preacher said Trump sought out a relationship with her after watching Christian television and seeing a number of her sermons, which she said the New Yorker “repeated almost verbatim” to her when they spoke for the first time. White said the messages were about the “value of vision.”

White, who is now friends not only Trump but also with his family and his staff, described the natural curiosity the candidate expressed. He would frequently ask her what she meant by some of the points in her sermons, she said.

Burnett then played for White the well-documented misspeak Trump had when, while addressing students at the Christian Liberty University, he referred to 2nd Corinthians as “Two Corinthians” and showed an interview excerpt in which the GOP nominee asked why he needs to seek forgiveness, a key tenet of Christianity.

“Come on, I still — I’ve been preaching for 32 years — and I say names, and I go, ‘Guys, I’m making up the names, I’m saying it wrong.’ You know, my pronunciation isn’t always right,” White said. “But I understand, they wanna hold Donald to the letter of the law, but what I can absolutely tell you about him, is he’s a man who loves God.”

And of the fact that Trump says he doesn’t often ask for forgiveness, White, who didn’t want to divulge too much about their private conversations, recalled a moment when Trump asked her when it is appropriate to “turn the other cheek” and forgive — an inquiry she described as “a real strong biblical question.”

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