The Blaze | VP Mike Pence faces immense backlash after saying Christians are ‘most persecuted’ in the world

A survey completed in April by the Pew Research Center indicated that Jews and Muslims were the most persecuted religions in the world — specifically in Europe — and suffered the most hostilities as a result.

In April, however, Washington Times guest columnist Vernon Brewer — founder and president of World Help, a Christian humanitarian organization — reported that Christian persecution was on the rise in Middle Eastern countries, and that a report dated January 2016 noted that it was the “worst year yet” for Christians over the last 25 years.

Brewer, via the Times, said that violence against Christians in Middle Eastern countries had been on the rise for three straight years and noted that in Nigeria, attacks on Christians had risen 62 percent in the three-year period.

Brewer’s analysis also reported that 215 million Christians live in areas where they are harassed and sometimes even brutalized for their faith. Pence’s comments seemed to reflect the analysis done by Brewer, as he reported that “Christians are now killed in more countries than ever before and are persecuted in more countries than any other religious group.”

On Friday, Brewer issued a plea on Fox News to help Christians being persecuted in communist North Korea, noting that even possessing a Bible in the country can result in being sentenced to a labor camp.

Brewer said after a visit to North Korea that “a whole narrative of persecution against Christians goes largely unreported in the media.”

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