the Blaze | WATCH: BRAINWASHED: The radical sex agenda corrupting your kid

Over the past few months, Glenn Beck has exposed the pandemic wargame Event 201, the truth behind the Marxist movement called Black Lives Matter, and the plot to destroy capitalism called the Great Reset. They’re all connected and have a united goal: to methodically take down Western culture and society brick by brick.

They’ve now set their sights on our children, and they’re targeting them directly in the classroom with Comprehensive Sexuality Education. They’re teaching kids — as early as kindergarten — masturbation, anal sex, transgenderism, and abortion. The curriculum Glenn reveals tonight is disturbing. Parental discretion is advised.

Guests: Jaco Booyens, founder of Share Together, a nonprofit dedicated to fighting global sex trafficking, shares the alarming globalist origins of the radical sex-ed curriculum and how it’s coming to a state near you. Rebecca Friedrichs, author of “Standing Up to Goliath” and founder of For Kids and Country, gives parents the tools to take back their children’s innocence.