The Christian Post | 5 subtle ways the enemy tries to steal your faith and how to fight back

I hope the reason you’re reading this article is because you value your faith, not because you are in a season of questioning. But if you are questioning, know you are not alone. While God is working on perfecting your faith, the enemy will stop at nothing to destroy your faith. Because the destruction of your faith means disconnection from the Father. The Bible refers to satan as a lion prowling around seeking someone to devour. It also tells us satan has three main goals: to steal, kill and destroy. He is prowling around your life seeking to destroy your marriage, your children and your identity, and ultimately your relationship with God.

In order to accomplish this destruction in our lives, the enemy uses the art of subtly. He begins with tiny chips at the foundation of our faith and trust in God. Here are some methods he likes to use:

1. Unmet expectations

Have you ever asked the Father for something and heard “no” or nothing at all, time after time? As the silence grows so does the disappointment in your heart. You soon become offended by His seeming lack of involvement. Your disappointment turns to indifference, you begin to withdraw from the Father and you find yourself doubting if God really is who He says He is.

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