The Christian Post | 7 exciting trends in global Christianity: No. 5 will surprise you

A study highlighting seven encouraging trends within global Christianity was released by Facts & Trends. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Christianity is growing faster than the population

Aaron Earls, the author, says, “Globally, Christianity is growing at a 1.27% rate…. The world’s population, 7.7 billion, is growing at a 1.20% rate.”

A .07% difference may not seem substantial to you. But remember, we’re talking about almost 8 billion people.

What this means:

Many people believe Christianity has gone out of style and is in decline — that the only people who are Christians today are those raised by Christian parents. However, this statistic tells us that new people are coming to faith every day.

2. Pentecostals and Evangelicals are the fastest growing branch of Christianity

Earls points out that a subgroup of Christianity, Evangelicals, and a subgroup of Evangelicalism, Pentecostals, are the two fastest-growing groups within Christianity. Additionally, they are picking up speed as they are also growing faster than they were just a couple of years ago.

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