The Christian Post | 9 ways people can help during the coronavirus outbreak

With over 2 million cases of novel coronavirus worldwide and stay-at-home orders shutting down schools and businesses, many at home are looking for ways they can do their part to help those most impacted by the pandemic.

As an increasing number of people face financial struggles, there are a number of charities, churches, and individuals out there that have stepped up their responses in the midst of the crisis in a variety of ways.

Some charities and local food pantries are finding new ways to help feed the homeless and the millions who are now out of work, while other groups and missionaries are on the front lines of treating patients infected with the crisis.

Not only are these organizations in need of financial support, but many are also looking for volunteers who can lend their time in a social distance-friendly way to help their causes.

Below are 9 ways people can contribute to COVID-19 relief efforts.

Give blood 

For those stuck at home with extra time on their hands, one tangible way they can help others in the midst of this crisis is by donating their blood.

Considering that thousands of blood drives across the nation have been canceled in light of social distancing orders, the American Red Cross is calling on healthy residents to make appointments to donate blood.

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