The Christian Post | COVID-19: Flatten the curve

In the past several weeks, the COVID-19 crisis has escalated to a widespread global pandemic, with recorded cases rapidly increasing in Europe and the United States. All but essential workers are being encouraged to self-isolate and “flatten the curve.” Medi-Share’s Dr. Alesia Greene breaks down what it means to flatten the curve and the actions we should take to do our part.

The phases of a pandemic are now familiar to us all. News programs and social media over the past week have referred to “flattening of the curve.” Slowing the acceleration phase is key to minimizing the impact of this virus on our healthcare system, but also will help expedite the completion of this first wave of infection.

As we look to countries that are ahead of us in the timing on the curve, we can expect to reach the peak approximately four months from now (July – August 2020), depending on our success in complying with the recommended public health measures.

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