The Christian Post | Rick Warren: Give God This if You Want to Improve Your Health

Pastor Rick Warren co-hosts a historic conference on mental health and the church, March, 29, 2014.

Megachurch pastor Rick Warren continued his theme of healthy living this week, and advised readers in his devotional to give God this if they want to improve their health.

In his latest post, Warren, who heads Saddleback Church in Orange County, California, writes that trusting in God can improve health, because it allows for a sense of relaxation in knowing that God is in control of all things.

When you trust in God, “you don’t worry,” Warren writes, referencing Proverbs 3:5, which reads: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.”

Psalm 116:7 also speaks on the importance of how trust leads to relaxation: “I said to myself, ‘Relax, because the Lord takes care of you.'”

Emotional diseases like resentment, worry and fear can rot you from the inside out, both spiritually and emotionally, and trust in God helps relieve you from such unsavory emotions, Warren says.

“It’s not just what you eat that matters. It’s what eats you! You can have all the right macrobiotics and organic food, but if your body is filled with resentment, worry, fear, lust, guilt, anger, bitterness, or any other emotional disease, it’s going to shorten your life,” the pastor writes.

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