The Christian Post | Top sleep tips for kids

February 16, 2020

We spend lots of time focused on making sure batteries are charged for our phones, laptops, smart watches, tablets, and the list goes on. But is your battery charged?

Rather than your electronics, I mean, did you get a full night’s sleep? Can you even recall how much sleep you have gotten each night this week?

In our fast-paced society, sleep may seem like a waste of time. We often think we will just catch up on sleep during the weekend, on vacation, or maybe when we retire we will get all the sleep we need. Unfortunately, sleep isn’t like the batteries in our electronic devices that we can charge up once in a while. Sleeping more on the weekend to get through a week of sleepless nights may help, but runs your battery well past zero.

Instead, we need to make an effort to fully recharge each night so we have the energy necessary to meet our daily demands.

It’s not just adults that need to recharge nightly; children need to restore their battery consistently as well. And good sleep habits start early in life.

For optimal health, we need to get an adequate amount of sleep most, if not every night. What is adequate? That depends on a few factors, especially age. As adults, it is recommended that we sleep 7-9 hours each night. Children, on the other hand, need anywhere from 8-16 hours of sleep per day depending on their age.

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