The Christian Post | Virtual team building activities to build staff culture

Building an encouraging culture remotely as our teams are decentralized from the normal work environment during COVID-19 is imperative. Today, I sat down with Sydney Harris, who is a senior research specialist here at Vanderbloemen and is also known as our “Culture Queen.” She collaborates with others on the Vanderbloemen culture team to infuse Vanderbloemen’s staff values into everything we do as a team.

Here are nine virtual activities you can try with your team to build morale remotely:

1. Never Have I Ever

●      Rules: Someone asks a question and the people who have done the activity mentioned, raise their hand and then share about their adventures.

●      Ask fun questions like, “Never have I ever gone skiing” or “Never have I ever visited Europe.”

●      Have one or two people who raised their hand share their experiences.

Tip: Ask questions that help you get to know each other’s fun experiences that you may not have otherwise heard about.

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