The Christian Post | When do angels show up?

Did you realize there are hundreds of accounts given in the Bible of people’s encounters with angels? From Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden to John on the Isle of Patmos and they continue to happen today. I was recently watching a Youtube video by Shawn Bolz where he shares a couple of stories about miraculous angelic experiences that have happened to him and to those he has known over the years.

The miraculous stories Bolz shares about being rescued and healed after a horrific car accident and times of encountering angels in a vision are extraordinary, but it made me curious, when do angels show up and why?

When do angels show up and why?

There are several categories of angels recorded in Scripture and although scripture does not give us an exact number, we are left with the knowledge they exist in multitudes. Massive amounts of supernatural beings sharing one common purpose — to bring glory to God.

People’s encounters with angels are usually brief, incredible and supernatural. They often appear to aid, minister and deliver messages. Their actions always glorify God and minister to those they are sent to help. These celestial beings often come in human form, plainly, without fanfare, much like Christ in the flesh. They do not desire to be worshipped or to bring attention to themselves, which is why most people don’t know they have encountered angels. Like Hebrews 13:2 says, “…some have entertained angels unaware.” We may not be able to know exactly when they will show up, but we can rest assured that their goal is always to accomplish the will of God by bringing heaven to earth (Matthew 6:10).

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