The Christian Post | Why it’s time to stop complaining about COVID-19

This new season of our lives — this coronavirus (COVID-19) season — is a tough one. It can be tempting to disregard CDC and government guidelines about social distancing, quarantining and handwashing. But in these trying days, we can’t afford to be selfish. We can’t put other people, such as the elderly and immunocompromised, in harm’s way. We need to remember: The world is bigger than us!

If we are followers of Jesus, then we are called to honor, listen, love and serve. So instead of complaining about our circumstances or trying to shut them out with television, food and social media, let’s live and be activated to become the people we are called to be.

We live and demonstrate best who God has called the church to be when we are the most helpful to authorities, the most respectful of healthcare workers and the most sensitive to the vulnerable.

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