The Christian Times: Donald Trump prepares for meeting with 900 Christian leaders on June 21

Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, will be having a closed-door meeting with 900 evangelical and social conservative leaders on Tuesday, June 21, in New York. It will be a time when questions on different issues such as religious freedom, sanctity of life, and the Supreme Court will be discussed.

“Of the more than 50,000 questions that came in, many of them focused on those three issues. Others focused on issues related to leadership, national security, and faith,” Johnnie Moore, the spokesperson for My Faith Votes, told The Christian Post. “We democratized the solicitation of questions so that this meeting would be even more representative of Christians in America than the 900 people in attendance.”

My Faith Votes is a non-partisan organization that is focused on engaging Christians who did not vote in 2012, which totals to around 25 million people. Together with United in Purpose, the group organized the meeting called “A Conversation About America’s Future with Donald Trump and Ben Carson,” which Moore said is not an attempt to persuade anyone; rather, it is “to better introduce everyone to one another.” It is a “conversation,” not an “inquisition” or a “coronation.”

Moore expects the discussion to be “honest, clear, and direct but not hostile or confrontational,” adding that “the tone will be entirely respectful, if not friendly.”

“The Trump campaign has been unbelievably cooperative to commit such time with these leaders,” Moore said, adding that it is a diverse group, the largest gathering of Christian leaders he had seen in his lifetime.

Moreover, the Christian leaders will not beTrump’s guests; rather, he will be their guest. As such, Moore credited him for agreeing to a meeting that is not within his control.

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