The Daily Wire | PragerU: Who Will Google Silence Next?

Who will Google silence next?” asks Prager University in a new video in which the conservative non-profit presents the sobering details behind the tech giant’s “restricted mode” feature on the video sharing website YouTube.

“Google dominates internet search with over 75% of the market. If you disappear on Google, your ability to voice your opinion disappears too,” the video warns. “You will be silenced.”

“I run an educational media company,” PragerU CEO Marissa Streit explains. “We produce five minute videos about different topics we believe the world should be aware of. We produce videos about history, political science … anything we think would make a person more whole, knowledgeable, or savvy in this world.”

Despite the educational nature of the videos, YouTube has placed close to three dozen of their videos on “restricted mode,” which prevents them from being watched on a broad public scale.

“When we first realized that our videos were being restricted, there were about 15 videos that were restricted. That was a year and a half ago,” says PragerU CMO Craig Strazzeri. “Since then, not only has the issue been unresolved, there’s 20 more videos restricted, and that number has risen to almost 40 videos.”

The video invites you to the website Stop Online Censorship where the group has a petition to change or more clearly define the restriction mode practices of YouTube.

“This is not just about PragerU being silenced,” reads the statement on the website. “It’s about another point of view that’s being silenced by Google and YouTube. Tomorrow it could be your point of view that is being silenced. Stand up for freedom of speech and fight back against online censorship by signing the petition today.”

PragerU has launched a lawsuit against Google to end their restricting videos with a different point of view than the tech giant. The Daily Wire interviewed Streit about the suit in October 2017.

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