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My definition of pro-life

Re: “Meet pregnant woman ‘at her point of need’ — Here’s why Southern Baptist pastor opposes a Texas bill to imprison women who receive abortions,” Monday Viewpoints.

The opinion stated by Pastor Jack Graham regarding a recent bill that would attempt to criminalize and punish women who have abortions was well stated and I believe showed compassion for both the mother and the unborn. As he became the recipient of those who call themselves “evangelical Christians” advising him to repent on his viewpoint, I believe the use of the term “evangelical” has unfortunately been hijacked by those who are of one political persuasion and now has the connotations of mean-spirited among many. The issue of abortion is about life and death no matter how you term your faith or what faith you claim. As a Christian, I believe in the sanctity and protection of life from womb to tomb, and that is my definition of being pro-life.