The Gospel Herald | Kirk Cameron on Why Christians Should Participate in ‘Revive Us’ Gathering: ‘This Could Be Our Finest Hour’

Kirk Cameron is calling for a national family meeting live in cinemas across America.

The prominent Christian actor and former child television star believes that our nation is at a pivotal time in history, and needs divine intervention and a spiritual healing and revival more than ever before.

Thus, he created “Revive Us,” an October 18 meeting of artists, writers, musicians and pastors to pray, worship and discuss how best to solve America’s problems. The highly anticipated program will originate in Chicago and be simulcast to over 700 theaters across the country.

In an exclusive interview with The Gospel Herald, Cameron, 46, shared how he was inspired to organize the event after hearing the concerns of parents all around the country.

“They ask questions like, ‘Are these the last days for America and this great nation?’ And I want to say to people, ‘There has never been a more exciting time to be a Christian in America,'” Cameron explained. “This could be our finest hour – think about it. It’s when all hope seems lost when God parts the waters, when He splits the Red Sea. I think this could be a Red Sea moment for you and me and America’s story right now. We’re people of faith, we have eyes to see the goodness and faithfulness of God when His people turn to him.”

“Revive Us” features Dr. Ben Carson, author Eric Metaxas, pastors Francis Chan and Dr. James MacDonald, best-selling author Jennifer Rothschild, and musical performances by Vertical Church Band and the duo Abby Ward and Isabella Cameron. The evening will conclude with a 15-minute Q&A comprised of audience-submitted questions, and will be followed by an open time for attendees to gather in their theaters for prayer and discussion.

“These guys are friends of mine; these are the smartest, some of the wisest and most faithful friends I have,” Cameron said of the participants. “I’ve met with them so many times, and so often it’s backstage or on the road or in my livingroom. We have conversations that are so inspiring to me; we have talks where they give me answers to difficult questions that have revived my heart, refreshed my spirit and filled me with hope and optimism. I always said, ‘I wish I had a chance to bring all my friends and family into these conversations.’ This allows me to do that.”

The “Fireproof” actor made it clear that “Revive Us” is not about endorsing any particular politician or political party; simply put, it’s about reviving the heart and soul of our country.

“I think now people are more concerned and confused than ever about the future of our country – especially if you have kids,” the father-of-six said. “People want to know what we can do to transform our country and make it healthy. Things have never been so concerning, and confusing, we have a lot of skin in the game, so ‘Revive Us’ provides us an opportunity for the family of faith … to come together and have a safe place to talk about what concerns us, to worship together, to pray to the God of Heaven and educate ourselves and inform each other about what we can do to transform our country for the sake of our children.”

Cameron is encouraging believers of all ages, races, and political lines to participate in “Revive Us,” and urged Americans remember that no matter how uncertain the future seems, all hope is not lost.

“We serve a God in heaven who hears when His people call out to them,” the actor said. “God parted the Red Sea, God seated David’s giant, and this is a time for us not be discouraged in America, but to be filled with courage, filled with hope, to lean in and to look up and double down on what we know works. And that is, bringing the whole family together, because when the family is together, the family of faith and the spirit of God is moving, we are unstoppable.”

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