The Ingraham Angle

massachusetts native horace mann is considered the father of public education in this country. He believed that public schools were essential to preserving our republic. It was in 1841 that he wrote “arsenals garrisons armies and navy’s are means of security and defense. But schoolhouses are the republican line of fortification. If they are dismantled, ignorance and vice will pour in their legions through every breach.” while the left is already far along in the dismantlement and until we mobilize, take back the school boards, we will continue to see the vice and the ignorance pouring out. And that “the angle.” driving me is rebecca friedrichs, she was in elementary school teacher and members of the teachers union in california for 28 years. Rebecca, seems that the critical race theory is the latest in a long line of vehicles teachers, school board members, consultants are using to turn children against their parents. >> You are precisely right. The reason it’s the latest is because when the unions, they call themselves teachers unions but they are not. They are radical leftist activists who infiltrated the teaching profession. Ever since they showed up, years and years ago, they have been pushing other horrible things like critical race theory into our classrooms. They are indoctrinating our children and they are doing it intentionally because as that wonderful quote you just read by horace mann, it shows us the only way to keep a free republic is with a well educated and moral citizenry that can self govern. Our founders set our schools up so that our children can learn well and so they can be good people. Our schools were run by parents and communities and good teachers. By the way, people of high integrity and divisive, racial ideology wasn’t part of it at all. That is marxist ideology, communist socialist ideology that these unions are intentionally pushing into our schools in order to undermine our republic. It’s a crisis. You’re right that parents need to stand up. They need to stand with good teachers and stand against these unions and kick them out of our school so we can restore our schools back to what they used it to be. >> Laura: the reason I started “the angle” with pictures of some of my old teachers. I had dozens and dozens of them. So many phenomenal educators. We respect and love individuals who are devoted to teaching. Teaching the essentials. The beautiful transmission of information, our history, literature, how to write, how to think. But not how to think politically. That’s what’s changed in our country for the time I was in public schools and loved my schools and teachers to today. I think you’re right. There are great teachers out there who feel trapped, they are trapped in the system. The parents, they feel like if they say anything they are going to now be doxxed or they are going to be called racist. So the parents feel trapped. The only people who feel empowered are the blowhards on the school board, like philip who I mentioned earlier. He is 1 of thousands across the country. >> Yeah, and he’s empowered because the teachers unions put him in position. Anyone who is a union activist or has been put in their job or on the school board by the unions, they are empowered. These activist quote teachers bullying parents, doxxing parents and targeting them, they are not teachers. They are radical leftists who I agree should be fired immediately. What’s happened is the dedicated teachers like myself, there are millions of them. They are trapped in a corrupt system. They have been bullied literally, laurel, for about 60 years. Teachers like myself have been bullied because the unions use mafia tactics to shut teachers up until we all all have to stand together. >> Laura: in support of those good teachers. I mentioned in my angle, loudoun county teachers blacklisting parents. Andrea weiskopf, teacher in seneca ridge middle school named of a father who criticized — crt. “an educator in a system of oppression is either a revolutionary or an oppressor.” rebecca. A teacher calling herself a revolutionary? Well, maybe finally that teacher is telling the truth. She is a revolutionary. >> Exactly. What she’s done is she has shined a light on what these unions are really doing. She is not a teacher and shame