The Ingraham Angle

one of the left go to weapons of choice against an america they have grown to despise but it’s also a tool of distraction from their myriad policy failures. The fact is for decades now democrats have spectacularly failed, failed the very people they claimed to be helping with all this racial hectoring. The demands for reparations. The move to remake school curricula, make the workplace and culture only breed more resentment and division. So you must never apologize to those who play with racial accelerants. The nfl gets sued for racially hiring practices and they rush to meet with al sharpton, of all people, one of the most compressive forces on the planet. He’s now moved from defund the police to defund the nfl. >> I told — yes — that’s not where we’re going — we’re going here to city councils and board of ordinances to have people make motions that we will withdraw public funds until diversity. They will be hauled in front of a city council and asked where is your diversity? >> Laura: so they are remaking city councils. You get it. Diversity through extortion. Well, he knows that game well. Now that the reverend is demanding is just more over racism but given the choice between standing up for an american institution and caving to the money hungry race artists, roger goodell, he picked the latter. >> We want to try to see the outcomes. We want to see black head coaches in the nfl. Coaches of people of color. And eventually gender. If there are policies that we need to modify we’re going to do that. And we’ll absolutely do it. >> Laura: here’s some advice. Giving in now will only encourage them to demand more. That’s what they do. The radical left can never be says ated. No amount of apologies or donations will ever be enough. It never is. He even asked — joe to apologize, they still swept in for mortal lones of flesh. The cultural marxists getting rich all racism, they don’t care what you said 10 years ago, five years ago, 30 years ago, they just want more money and they want more power. A fat book contract maybe, a lucrative visiting professorship and a lifetime job guarantee anywhere they go. Because if you ever fire or discipline them, naturally, they are going to scream racism. This atmosphere of egg shell walking and nonstop racial recriminations drives people to their individual corners. It breeds distrust. It separates us. But then again that’s the whole point, isn’t it? The left doesn’t want us to get closer to each other. They only thrive when we’re at each others’ throats. And that’s “the angle.” joining me is the author of the new book “25 lives,” and a prager u personality, vince. How insulting is this whole racket to you personally? >> Well, laura, your mother-in-law was straight up. It was right on the money. The statement in my new book 25 lives I started by saying since its inception in 1800, because of jim crow and the confederacy, the democratic party has been the evilist institution on the face of this earth and this is why. It’s because they lie. They say their racism is the cause of all of our problems and that’s a lie. People who believe in white supremacy must also believe in black infor ort. As a black manic tell you I don’t believe in white supremacy. As an heir of jesus christ and a son of god, have I never met anyone superior to me. I have brothers and sisters. They have all have talents and that’s all I need, people will talent given to them by god. We have to elevate and if we elevate each other’s talents we elevate each other. All of society becomes elevated but the democrats won’t hatred and they want envy. They want strife. They live on all. They have always had it from slavery, civil war, jim crow, now socialism, they want us to hate one another and they live off of the hate and this issy call them an evil institution. My book talks about 25 lives that they give. It talks about the people and what they do wrong, how they drive all of us against one another and this is just another