The Jerusalem Post | IFCJ provides Passover meals to families worldwide during coronavirus

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (The Fellowship) is helping hundreds of thousands of Jews prepare for a joyous Passover, especially those who might otherwise not be able to celebrate. The Fellowship has announced they are dedicating $3 million to help more than 215,000 Jews observe Passover in Israel, in poverty-stricken regions of the former Soviet Union, and elsewhere around the world. The Fellowship is also providing an additional $82,500 to soup kitchens in Israel that were planning to host their usual Passover Seder meals before the coronavirus pandemic forced them to close their doors. These funds are helping the soup kitchens instead distribute Passover Seder emergency food boxes. Initiatives like these are essential at a time when unemployment has rapidly increased throughout Israel.

Through a variety of carefully curated partners and direct operations, The Fellowship has identified the best ways to help the communities most in need during this holy season for the Jewish people. This aid comes in the form of 75,000 food boxes, over 130,000 boxes of matzah, food cards for use at local supermarkets, clothing cards, and all the special Passover foods needed to celebrate the Passover seder meal. The extensive food distribution provided by The Fellowship is available to families and the elderly, including Holocaust survivors. Assistance is also provided to 8,500 IDF soldiers and their families.

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