The Jerusalem Post | New book ‘The Next Jihad’ to expose Christian genocide in Africa

Reverend Johnnie Moore, an Evangelical Christian, and Rabbi Abraham Cooper, an Orthodox Jew, are exposing a first-hand testimonial about Christian genocide in Africa, with the release of their new book, The Next Jihad.
Self-described “freelance diplomats,” the two authors are revealing the everyday atrocities Christians face in Nigeria, emphasizing the enduring horror of religious persecution, and the costs of global passivity.
The Next Jihad, a book based on Moore and Cooper’s on-the-ground experience, warns us about the largely ignored threat of terrorists seeking to wipe out Christians in Africa, either by forced conversion to Islam or by murder.
“This book is a small effort to put a human face on mind-numbing statistics. We have tried to give a voice to some, but thousands of others suffer in silence,” Moore and Cooper wrote.
Through numerous chilling accounts, the authors describe how radicalized Fulani militants target helpless Christians in Nigeria with similar strategies as the ones used by Islamic extremists such as Boko Haram, including deadly midnight raids, arson, kidnappings, rapes, forced conversions and overt slaughter.