The State of Israel is not alone nor isolated but has 650 million supporters all over the world. There are millions of Christians and other non-Jews that are standing up for the Jewish people as well as telling the story of Israel, its challenges, its achievements and why all people, no matter what their creed is, should be friends of Israel.

Pastor Jentezen Franklin is one of those friends and the difference he has made in bringing millions of people to Israel and closer to its history and its people has made him one of Israel’s best friends. Since 2015, he has been working with Dr. Mike Evans and the Friends of Zion Museum to promote Israel.

He is the senior pastor of Free Chapel Worship Center in Gainesville, Georgia, home to more than 14,000 members. With locations also in California, Franklin is spreading his message of standing with Israel all across the United States and the world.

Franklin serves on the Trump Faith Initiative, actively advising President Donald Trump on his steadfast support for the US-Israel relationship. He was instrumental in helping to bring about Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital as well as relocation of the United States Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

On Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), Franklin’s daily show Kingdom Connection speaks to millions about the importance of praying for the “peace of Jerusalem” and tells his viewers on every show to bless Israel and her people.

Since 2015, Franklin has been working with the Friends of Zion Museum in Jerusalem, a $100 million-dollar project that reveals the heroic stories of the courageous Christians and non-Jews whom have assisted the Jewish people throughout the Zionist movement, as well as in critical times like during the Holocaust. Franklin and his partners have donated more than a million dollars to the city of Jerusalem on behalf of the Friends of Zion Museum.

The Friends of Zion Museum recently surpassed 51 million members, making it one of the largest pro-Israel sites in the world. FOZ is currently building a think tank, research center, Ambassador Institute and an online university, all of which are being utilized to help educate pro-Israel supporters around the globe about Israel’s history, challenges and achievements.

The Friends of Zion has become one of the central institutions in the State of Israel, influencing the world and strengthening Israel’s relations globally, while fortifying the pillars of the Israeli society.