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autograph session after each practice session. That happens as we give you another live look at the fans going through the big inflatable interest that you see right there. And then there’s the back of the bleachers. You see some of the fans at the concessions and then again, finding their way to that nice shaded area. Have a seat. Check out the practice and the players as they go before the public for the first time. Training camp again, the practice starts in less than 15 minutes from now at 8.45? Reporting live. I’m aaron farrar channel 4, the local station. >>vic micolucci: all right, erin, thank you. The president of the florida education association is voicing concerns after the state department of education approved new content from a conservative nonprofit. >> To be shown in florida schools, prager, u is a political nonprofit that openly advocates for conservative believes florida is the first state to approve its educational resources. >> Kids dot com, you’ll find hundreds of free educational, entertaining, pro american videos for every grade. Know, woke culture or agendas. >> Just wholesome age, appropriate content. >>jennifer waugh: florida education association, president andrew spar calls the material propaganda. >> What we see right now is that aggressive move by the department of education led by the governor of the state of florida to ensure that what is taught in schools is only what they want taught in schools and not the complete an honest picture. And in fact, I think teachers right now are concerned about the lack of materials that and the types of materials that are being approved. >>jennifer waugh: the department of education says prager u kids, but harry uhl’s aligned with florida’s revised civics and government standards. >>vic micolucci: criticism continues over the state’s recently revised civics and government standards. Now duval county school board members taking a stance against florida’s new african american history curriculum. The new academic standards teach about the personal benefits of slavery. It’s the reason dcps district for school board member darryl willie made this church. It reads slavery did not benefit black people. The photo quickly went viral. Willie’s concerns with the updated academic standards are equally split between what’s included and what’s being left out. >> Here’s a look parts of history that are just sort of either omitted or left out for whatever reason. And then it really starts to compare kuwait. American slavery with it. Slavery in asia other countries. And I think what what I think the folks are trying to do there is really trying to. To say slavery. Everybody was doing was we had slaves during the time. So it was really wasn’t that bad. Everybody was doing it. It can handle these complex conversations the challenges that we’re back in the past. And I think we as adults sometimes get more uncomfortable that our kids do. I think the standards sometimes and nervousness of adults and having tough conversations. >>vic micolucci: the new african american studies curriculum was approved last week by the florida department of education. However, members of the task force assigned to review the curriculum have asked that the changes be delayed until the original recommendations to the group can be reviewed. >>jennifer waugh: after florida’s most extensive inspection of hemp products. Yet officials uncovered nearly 70,000 packages containing hemp extract being a legally marketed to children. The department of agriculture says that the weekslong sweep dubbed operation candy crush inspected 475 businesses in 37 counties across our state, illegal packages were found at 134 of those businesses. The inspections targeted the illegal sale of hemp extract product that are attractive to or toward children, which is part of a new florida law that bans the sale of hemp related products to anyone under the age of 21. >>vic micolucci: in the last hour of the morning show, we launched our I team series called connected. I took a closer look at your legal rights when police ask for your personal surveillance video or doorbell video tonight at 6, we are getting you answers about some of the programs where you can sign up to voluntarily share your footage with law enforcement. It’s something that has privacy experts sounding the alarm. >> Think about all of the places go that are seen by camera. We’re now you have to second guess gets to see that footage? >>vic micolucci: tonight at 6 o’clock, the I team is getting both sides as officers and deputies look to connect with community cameras. Why police say this is a safe step to solve crimes faster and make families safer as privacy experts warn programs like this may be unconstitutional and put your privacy at risk.