The New American | Barna: Engaged Conservative Christians Support Trump Almost Unanimously

George Barna, the founder of the Barna Group, which specializes in studying the religious beliefs and behaviors of Americans, released on Friday the results of his latest poll: support for President Trump’s reelection is nearly unanimous among SAGE Cons — spiritually active governance-engaged conservative Christians. In 2016 support for Trump was 91 percent. Now it is 96 percent.

Bara explained why there was such an increase:

“Four years ago, most “SAGE Cons” reluctantly voted for Trump, selecting him because they felt his opponent, Hillary Clinton, was a danger to America and stood for numerous things that conflicted with the beliefs of SAGE Cons….

[Today] SAGE Cons appreciate the Trump Administration’s progress related to federal court appointments, support for pro-life policies, investments in the military and enforcement of the law, attempts to reduce the federal bureaucracy and the authority of the federal government, strengthening America’s relationship with Israel, and support for the free market economy.”

Although SAGE Cons represent only about a tenth of the nation’s population, their electoral “influence” touches the rest of the voting bloc who consider themselves Christian conservatives. “SAGE Cons,” said Barna, “are an important barometer of how the [overall] conservative Christian population will behave in the [upcoming] election.”

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