The New York Times: Ben Carson Ends His Once-Promising Presidential Bid

Ben Carson suspended his presidential campaign on Friday, ending an upstart bid that began with promise before fizzling out.

Mr. Carson signaled this week that he was winding things down, when he said that he would skip the Republican debate on Thursday night. He acknowledged that after a disappointing showing on Super Tuesday he did not see a political path forward.

Mr. Carson received a standing ovation at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday when he announced that he would be leaving the campaign trail.

“There’s a lot of people who love me, they just won’t vote for me,” Mr. Carson said. “I will still continue to be heavily involved in trying to save our nation.”

Despite his departure from the race, Mr. Carson is not finished with politics. Before his speech, he announced that he would be taking the helm of My Faith Votes, a nonpartisan organization with a mission of mobilizing Christians who are registered voters to go to the polls.

“Nothing is more important to me than my personal faith, and it is my faith that motivated me to be involved in the political process to begin with,” Mr. Carson said in a statement. “I believe Christians in this country can easily determine the next president of the United States and all other national and local leaders, should they simply show up at the polls.”

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