The Patriot Post | Dobson Urges Civil Disobedience

My good friend Dr. James Dobson is calling on Christians in California to engage in civil disobedience. At the same time, he is warning Christians across the country about the tremendous stakes in this election and what awaits us all depending on the outcome.

Dr. Dobson’s extraordinary statement comes on the heels of an unbelievably anti-religious ruling from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. The left-wing court upheld a radical pro-abortion law that forces pro-life pregnancy centers, many of which are religious charities, to promote abortion.

Yes, you read that correctly. Federal judges have just ruled that you cannot open a center to promote the sanctity of life without also promoting abortion.

In an urgent statement [Tuesday] morning, Dr. Dobson blasted the court’s ruling as “an affront to religious freedom,” adding, “I have a simple word of advice to those pastors, priests and others who run California’s crisis pregnancy centers. If California attempts to enforce this law then do not comply. Make them put you in jail.”

Dr. Dobson continued, “This decision is further affirmation of the importance of this presidential election. Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will be responsible for appointing the replacement of Antonin Scalia, and — in all likelihood — two to three other Supreme Court Justices. That court will eventually decide whether or not this remains the law in California and becomes law across America.”

Any Christian who votes in a way that enables Hillary Clinton to become president, empowering her to name Justice Scalia’s replacement and pack the courts with pro-abortion radicals, must be prepared to accept responsibility for the continued carnage of the unborn and the inevitable restrictions on religious liberty.

Clinton’s Contempt

Those of you who have been around awhile know that there have been repeated stories about Hillary Clinton harassing certain individuals. I’m not talking about Bill’s victims. I’m talking about the men and women in uniform who have had the unpleasant task of protecting her.

From Arkansas state troopers to White House Secret Service, the story is always the same. Hillary is abusive verbally and psychologically. She demands you follow not the rules you are supposed to follow, but her rules.

There have been reports that Chelsea Clinton once referred to her Secret Service detail as “pigs.” When an agent informed Chelsea that her comment was inappropriate, she reportedly responded, “Well, that’s what my mother and father call you.”

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