The Political Insider | Mike Rowe Gets ‘Restricted’ by YouTube

Everyday working-class hero Mike Rowe has reportedly been restricted by YouTube. The video sharing site apparently determined a speech on passion for one’s job and work was “inappropriate.”

Rowe updated his fans in a social media post that began with the simple declaration, “Holy Bleep! I’ve Been Restricted!”

Seemingly dumbfounded by the decision, Rowe explains that a commencement speech he gave to the virtual Prager University was what triggered the restrictions.

The video of that speech can be seen below …

Rowe explained that after reviewing the video again, he could find “nothing violent, harmful, or dangerous,” nor anything “vulgar, disturbing, or objectionable.”

“I was surprised to learn that my video could be interpreted as anything but the G-rated message I believe it to be,” he said.

What Rowe did learn, however, is that YouTube has a fine print disclaimer that would essentially allow them to restrict any content they desire.

“Some videos don’t violate our policies, but may not be appropriate for all audiences,” that little tidbit, buried in the terms of service message reads. “In these cases, our review team may place an age restriction when we’re notified of the content.”

Did YouTube, then, restrict a video because a message of passion and trade work were too much for delicate young ears to hear?

“Is it possible that YouTube has determined that the IDEAS expressed in my speech are inappropriate for people under 18 – The precise audience that most needs to hear this message?” Rowe asks. “The answer appears to be yes.”


Or could this just be yet another example of YouTube restricting content from right-leaning entities?

This past summer, the video streaming site announced they would be cracking down and removing advertisements on video channels they felt were in violation of their terms of service.

As a result, “Diamond and Silk,” two prominent supporters of President Trump best known for their viral videos on YouTube, had their channel demonetized.

Lauren Southern, a conservative internet personality, said “I think it would be insane to suggest there’s not an active effort to censor conservative and independent views.”

Now that effort appears to have ensnared Mike Rowe.

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