The Reconnect | Connecting Faith 6-5-18 | Jesse Rojo from The Philos Project | Pastor Greg Laurie on Harvest America

Pray the news this week for Guatemala where a volcanic eruption buried a village and killed at least 62 people. The Supreme Court ruling in favor of the Masterpiece Cakeshop affirmed religious freedom, but also highlighted tensions that exist. A NYTimes article is a launch pad for a conversation about being an ambassador of another Kingdom amidst the kingdoms of this world.

Jesse Rojo of The Philos Project in reference to the competing narratives between Israelis and Palestinians talked about the importance of seeing the humanity – the imago Dei – of the other person, as opposed to seeing them as terrorists or subhuman. When both sides identify with the suffering of the other, and allow Gospel themes to inform their misperceptions, they begin to see how to love their neighbors.

Lest you thought that crusades and revivals are a thing of the past with Billy Graham’s home-going, Pastor Greg Laurie shared about next week’s Harvest America and the Great Commission.