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in florida schools. Yep, you heard that right. According to hillsborough county public schools new curriculum, students will only be reading excerpts from plays for class rather than the full text, citing sexual content in plays like romeo and juliet that do not align with florida’s don’t say gay right. Romeo, romeo wherefor — sorry, that’s all I can say. If you’re asking what can they actually teach other than the job benefits of slavery? Well, look no further than a little place called prager university. Not a real university, mind you, but a conservative advocacy group founded by right-wing radio talk show host dennis prager. Last week, florida became the first state to allow educational material from prager u to be taught in classrooms. The prager material targeting young children aligned to florida’s revised civics and standards. This content that aligned with their standards is essentially just conservative talking points formulated into ten-minute car teen videos. A short siros of car teen videos about a duo who time travel to different periods in history and meet historical figures. Soundser harmless, right? Not contactually. Take a look at the video of when they meet christopher columbus. >> What about slavery? You didn’t deny that? >> Deny? No, slavery is as old as time. And it’s taken place in every corner of the world. Even amongst the people I just left. Being taken as a slave is better than being killed, no? I don’t see the problem. >> I’m sorry, what? There should never be a scenario where you start a sentence with being taken as a slave is better than — >> Nevertheless, they were quote unquote violent, while also glossing over the genocide and rape because columbus brought christianity to the new world so he must be a good guy, right? Also another video following the protest movement after the killing of george floyd, the duo travels back to meet frederick douglass. >> The there was no real movement anywhere in the world to abolish slavery before the american founder. Slavery was part of life all over the world. It was america that began the conversation to end it. Our system is wonderful. And the constitution is a glorious liberty document. We just need to convince enough americans to be true to it. >> And people like garrison don’t just want slavery abolished but the whole american system? >> You are correct. His approach is called radical. That means a complete fundamental change of everything. >> That would be william lloyd garrison. Yeah, no. What real frederick douglass actually said about america in his famous speech, what to the slave is the fourth of july, is this. There is not a nation on the earth guilty of practices more shocking and bloody than are the people of the united states at this very hour. And for it is not light that is needed but fire. It is not the gentle shower but thunder. We need the storm, the whirlwind, and the earthquake. But that speech with douglass’s actual words probably would be banned in florida too because why teach accurate history when you can teach the watered down conservative version of it. What’s even more ironic is as conservatives argue that teaching about gay people and the atrocities of slavery is indoctrination, here is how prager himself described his fake university’s content at a moms for liberty conference last month. >> I really wanted to hear what evidence do you have that I am despicable. So it was fascinating, I spent at least ten minutes there until I just had to come in here, and all I heard was, well, because you indoctrinate kids. Which is true, we bring doctrines to children. That’s a very fair statement. I said, but what is the bad of our indoctrination? >> Yeah, okay, so what I’m getting is indoctrination is fine as long as they’re the ones doing it. Is that what’s going on here? This is a question that I would love to ask the florida educational commissioner, manny diaz, but apparently he’s too busy to take questions even from his own constituents on what is in fact the first day of the fall school year in much of florida. Last night, the commissioner dropped out of a town hall addressing these very issues which is happening right now in one of florida’s largest majority black cities. My conversation with state senator chevron jones who organized that event which I did just a short time ago, is next.