The Tennessean | Earthquake shakes Mexico City: Here is what you need to know and how to help

A magnitude 7.1 earthquake struck Mexico Tuesday, causing damage more than 75 miles away from its epicenter in the nation’s capital.

The center of the earthquake was located southeast of Mexico City in the town of Raboso, leading to overturned buildings and possible deaths in Mexico City.

The Associated Press reported Tuesday night that death toll in Mexico was around 140.

The earthquake took place on the 32nd anniversary of a devastating 1985 earthquake in Mexico City that killed thousands of people, hours after some buildings across the city held preparation drills to commemorate.

Video has emerged of people huddled together on the 38th floor of a building in Mexico City with ceiling lights swinging from side to side, as a magnitude 7.1 earthquake struck on Tuesday. (Sept. 20)AP

A week and a half ago, more than 60 people were killed when a magnitude 8.1 earthquake struck the country’s southern coast.

How to donate to help with Mexico earthquake relief

The following are a list of nonprofit organizations providing aid to residents in Mexico, including areas affected by recent earthquakes.

1. Red Cross Mexico

2. Unicef Mexico

3. World Relief

4. International Community Foundation

5. Global Giving Foundation

6. Oxfam Mexico

7. Save the Children Mexico

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