The Washington Examiner | Let the children play

By: Jeff Hunt

As we round Memorial Day weekend and prepare for summer, there will be something important missing from parks across the country, the sounds of kids enjoying organized sports. If you’re like our family, your spring sports were canceled and now summer sports leagues are canceling as well. This is unnecessary and should be reversed. Let the kids play!

According to the latest COVID-19 data in Colorado, children ages 0-9 make up 2.07% of all cases and 0.00% of all COVID-19 deaths. Even in hard-hit places such as New York City, the deaths of children ages 0-17 make up .06% of all COVID-19 deaths.

So why are we making kids stay inside and forgo youth sports activities? It sure isn’t to protect kids from COVID-19. No, with a majority of deaths coming from older people, we are attempting to flatten the curve by keeping families isolated. Rather than targeting our stay-at-home orders toward those most vulnerable, they are so broad to include people that aren’t dying from the virus.

There is a better solution.

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