The Washington Examiner | Prager University Twitter account hacked

The Twitter account of Prager University, the nonprofit organization founded by Dennis Prager which is best known for explaining conservative concepts in short videos, was apparently hacked on Monday, which resulted in the account being unverified.

The organization Turkish cyber army AYYILDIZ TIM was quick to take responsibility for the hack. They also gained control of former Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke’s Twitter account, according to the Hill.

“Our Twitter account has been hacked by a ‘Turkish Cyber Army’ and our account has now also been de-verified. We cannot get a hold of anyone at Twitter and they are completely unresponsive to our requests to get control back of our account. We would appreciate your help in reaching out to Twitter to get this fixed,” Prager U said in a statement.

Many college students who are a part of the PragerFORCE program were quick to tag Twitter in their tweets, attempting to gain the attention of the company. Their message was clear: they want to regain control of the account.

One member of PragerFORCE reported the pinned tweet of the newly hacked account and received a response stating this action “was not in violation of Twitter rules against abusive behavior.”

Roughly 12 hours after the hack, Prager U was able to regain control of their account. However, the nonprofit never heard from Twitter.

Last week, hackers claiming to belong to the same group targeted former Fox News hosts Eric Bolling, Greta Van Susteren, and Brit Hume.

Prager U and Twitter did not immediately respond to Red Alert Politics’ request for comments.

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