The Washington Times | Black conservative takes on Maxine Waters

Joe E. Collins III grew up in South-Central Los Angeles in a neighborhood where crime literally struck home the day a drive-by shooting left bullet holes in both the windows and the family sofa. Inner city life did not faze the young man, who later joined the Navy, became a fighter-jet mechanic, saw combat in Operation Iraqi Freedom, served as a Navy recruiter, and was certified as both a financial planner and a mental health counselor.

Following the 2016 election, Mr. Collins became acutely aware of the huge populations of disenfranchised Americans, a news media which promoted outrage and politicians who were failing their constituents.

So he decided to run for Congress, and is now opposing Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters in California’s 43rd District — determined, he says — to bring “integrity and opportunity” back to his community. He has endorsements from both the California and Los Angeles County GOP organizations, and currently operates a free food pantry from his campaign headquarters.

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