The Washington Times | Mike Pence ‘disappointed,’ but wishes Andrew Luck well in retirement

In an interview with BlazeTV, Vice President Mike Pence said he was “disappointed” Andrew Luck is retiring from the NFL, but ultimately wished the former Colts quarterback well.

Speaking to Eric Bolling, Pence complimented Luck for his contributions to the Colts.

“Well look, Andrew Luck is a great football player and he’s a great guy,” Pence said. “And he’s gone through a tough four years. A lot of injuries. I’m disappointed to see him retire from the Indianapolis Colts as an almost life-long fan of the Colts. But I wish him well.”

Luck retired Saturday at just 29 years old, citing a mental and physical toll related to his injuries.

Many wonder if the retirement is permanent, something Pence even brought up in his interview.

“And who knows? He’s a young man,” Pence said. “I don’t know. We may see him in football somewhere down the road. But he’s been a great, great, great, great part of the Indianapolis Colts. We wish him well and he’ll be missed.”

Pence last attended a Colts game in 2017, leaving the game early when several members of the San Francisco 49ers protested during the national anthem.

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