Tipping Point

>> It’s time for tipping point. Tonight, a new study lead by a team of researchers from the national institute on drug abuse find cannabis is nearly as addictive as opioids for teen users. Plus the number of migrant children being detained under the border is more than double what is was during the trump administration. And finally the endless wars continue with “biden” looking like he might push back the deadline on our may first withdrawal from “afghanistan”. I’m your host, kara mckinney, and this is “tipping point”. [music] >> Washington state was one of the first states in the union — alongside “colorado” — to legalize marijuana for recreational use back in 20-12. And now the gateway drug strikes again. Because not even a decade later the state’s supreme court effectively legalized all drug possession in a recent ruling because they said its unconstitutional to assume that a baggie of heroin in someone’s back pocket for example is actually theirs. So it’s not enough to prove they “knowingly” possessed the drugs in question. But if you take even one-minute to talk to an actual police officer or correctional deputy, they’ll tell you that’s a suspect’s pat answer every single time. Because even if you found that baggie of drugs in their — bodily orifice I’ll just leave it at that — they’ll still look at you in straight in the eye and say “that’s not mine I don’t know how it got there”. It’s called lying and its what criminals are good at. But that’s also what lawyers and politicians are good at so I see the connection here. To be sure there are still felony drug possession laws on the federal books, but since when do states like “washington” or “oregon” cooperate with the feds on serious matters like drugs riots or illegal immigration? The spokane police chief responded to the ruling by confirming his department is no longer making arrests for simple possession saying the court decision puts his officers in a weird situation because quote “if there is a 21-year-old with a baggie of heroin and an officer goes by he can’t do anything with the heroin but for the 19-year-old with an open container of beer that’s a misdemeanor”. All the police can really do now is confiscate the drugs as contraband and bid the suspect good day. The trickle down affects of this are almost impossible to count but I’ll list a few right now. This lax view of drugs possession makes it harder for authorities to go after drug dealers especially since they usually plead down to drug possession charges anyway it also takes away a tool that prosecutors use to pursue longer sentences for murderers and rapists it empowers drug cartels and drug traffickers at a time when the southern border is practically sitting wide open and last but not least for a region of the country currently dealing with nothing but mass rioting an increase in shootings and rising homelessness this is probably the worst thing that you could do. Not every drug user is a gang banger.. A transient or an “antifa” thug but almost every single gang banger transient or “antifa” thug is a drug user. I know I’m treading on dicey ground here since many on the right are libertarians and they have a live and let live approach to life and favor decriminalizing most if not all drugs. But this is one of those uncomfortable truths in which drugs destabilize communities, empower criminals and harm children. So for the same reason we stand against things like drag queen story hours for children, instead of saying live and let live, we must also take a zero-tolerance approach to this issue as well. Exception of course medical use, because that’s a completely different topic altogether. The anti-american global elite like the “bill gates” of the world want you tuned out and sedated in your homes on drugs they see the american heartland riddled by opioids and think that’s a good thing. Now we have another excuse to keep shipping their jobs overseas. We need to keep our minds sharp we need to deprive the drug traffickers coming across our southern border of a market to drop their disgusting products in. We need to deprive inner-city street gangs of their bread and butter and we need to protect our children from the harmful effects of drugs. As I mentioned earlier with the societal rot being forced on our nation’s youth in the form of gender confusion, they are also being lied to that drugs are no big deal especially “marijuana”. But now a new study published to “jama pediatrics” the addiction rates for cannabis among teenagers are about the same as prescription opioids. Remember, how we’ve always been told that marijuana isn’t addictive? Another myth busted by this study — lead by a team from the “u-s” national institute on drug abuse is that using cannabis also gives adolescents a higher chance of becoming addicted to other drugs at a later point in life, despite activists in recent years trying to say that the “gateway drug” stereotype is false. For more on these findings I want to welcome on my first guest tonight “jeff hunt” he’s the director of the “centennial institute” thanks for being here tonight “jeff”. >> Kara, it’s great to be with you. I love what you just said. Everything you said was spot on. >> Thank you so much.